Middletown Appliance Repair

Troubleshooting Garbage Disposal Repair

garbage disposal repairBrowse through these common issues associated with appliances such as garbage disposals. For safety and efficiency, please call upon a professional, such as A-Robinson Appliance Repair before trying to make any adjustments.

Safety Tip: If dismantling the Disposal or working on electrical connections, shut off power at the main disconnect. Never put your hand in the Disposal. Use pliers or tongs to remove an object. Never pour a chemical drain cleaner into a Disposal. Disclaimer…

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You Can’t Turn On the Motor

Check for:Remedies:

  • No power
  • Defective on/off switch
  • Tripped overload protector switch
  • Defective motor

  • Check the fuse box/circuit breaker, and if the disposal is plugged into a wall outlet, check the outlet
  • On continuous feed models, check the wall switch
  • On batch-feed models, check he stopper switch
  • If the flywheel is jammed, free it. Then, push the reset button
  • Call a qualified contractor

Motor Hums, but Unit Doesn’t Grind

Check for:Remedies:

  • Jammed flywheel
  • Frozen motor bearings

  • Free the flywheel
  • Call a qualified contractor. You’ll may have to buy a new unit

The Disposal Continuously Blows Fuses

Check for:Remedies:

  • Too many appliances plugged into the circuit

  • Install a 15-amp circuit just for the disposal

You Can’t Stop the Disposal

Check for:Remedies:

  • Defective on/off switch

  • Call a qualified contractor

The Disposal Drains Slowly

Check for:Remedies:

  • Not enough water
  • Clogged drain line
  • Disposal isn’t grinding finely enough

  • Run more cold water when using the disposal
  • Don’t use harsh chemical agents
  • Flush with hot water to remove a grease clog, then remove the drainpipe and clear it
  • Replace a dull shredder ring or any broken flyweights

The Disposal is Making an Unusual Amount of Noise

Check for:Remedies:

  • Metallic object in the unit
  • Loose mounting screws are loose
  • Broken flyweight
  • The motor is defective

  • Inspect the unit and fish out the object with thongs or forceps
  • Tighten the mounting screws
  • Replace the broken flywheel
  • Call a qualified contractor

There is a Leak in the Disposal

Check for:Remedies:

  • Loose sink connection
  • Loose drain connection
  • Damaged housing gasket

  • Tighten the flanges holding the gaskets or replace the gaskets
  • Tighten the drain flanges or replace the drain gasket
  • Replace the gasket